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Welcome at Test Dimensions Publishers!

What is our core business
We are a publisher of psychological instruments based in Europe. We sell our instruments on paper or you may choose to use our advanced Internet Test System (ITS). The ITS is a full service solution meaning that everything you need to use our products through the Internet is included. Even the test manuals can be found in the on-line system!

What can you find on this site
Product catalog - Browse through our product catalog including the EPPS or find out how you can publish your test through us.
On-line services - Find out how it works and what it costs. You can also sign up for the ITS immediately or try it out.
Shop - Buy our paper products through our on-line shop. We partner with PayPal from e-Bay to give you maximum security and flexible payment options.
Contact - Feel free to contact us to share your ideas or ask a question. We like to hear from you!

Do I use your products legally?
That is a very simple question to answer! You use our tests legally if you have purchased them through us. Copying the answer forms and other test parts is not allowed, nor using the tests in electronic form. Except by special permission in writing from us.

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